I'm making that list and I checked it twice. Yeah, this is a decent list.

When I'm not a stinker, I'm certainly a thinker and I think I've made a pretty good list of stuff that could really improve life in Lubbock. Have a look!

  • 1

    A Chill Pill

    We have had WAY too many incidents of violence lately, from people popping off random shots to road rage and more. Just chill Lubbock, most things that raise your blood pressure will never have any real effect on your life. Assume that most people are not trying to upset you, they're just in their own world and you'll be okay.

  • 2

    A Humidifier

    I don't know what's going on, but the inside of my nose, which is normally a warm and gooshy place, is now dry and littered with hard rocks like the Martian landscape. I think all those bales of cotton are absorbing all the available humidity or something.

  • 3

    Something To Bring Us Together

    Kudos to 4th On Broadway, but July is miserable in Lubbock. Texas Tech Football isn't for everyone. Big concerts tend to divide people down rock/country/pop lines.  I wish we could TRULY get together and have some kind of We Love Lubbock city-wide cleanup/picnic or something that feels all-inclusive and fun.

  • 4

    Giant Prairie Dogs

    Okay, bear with me for a moment. I like to talk about Lubbock not having an identity or a sense of direction. I love the towns that have painted cows around to take pictures with and whatnot. What if we commissioned a half dozen or so of these giant varmints and placed them in parks, intersections, and whatnot. If there is something Lubbock really needs, it's a sense of whimsy and giant prairie dogs would certainly take care of that.

  • 5

    A More Inclusive Health Event

    So they'll shut down the Loop for a little over one thousand runners, but what about bikes?  There are TONS of people who would like to ride their bikes recreationally or competitively (why not both) on a portion of the Loop. Imagine the turnout if kids on their BMX bikes jumped on with the adults on their ten speeds and the elders on their beach cruisers. THAT would be a real Lubbock event.

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