The FMX live stream has got a serious upgrade, and I'm talking all the way around.

First and foremost, the sound on the FMX streamer seems a million times better. It just comes across really well. Then there's the player itself. It's more graphically rich and easier to deal with. As you can see it's all information you need and none you don't (except for a small word from our kind sponsors).  All the is is also going to translate to the FMX app as well (available for iPhone or Android just search for "KFMX").

Okay, this may be nit-picky, but as someone who has been associated with the radio station for about 30 of its 36 years, I'm also stoked that the color on the "Purple" spot is correct. You may not have ever noticed, but the purple spot has a slight bluish hue to it.

Below is the player, as you listen the album covers generate in place of the purple spots.

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