I know I've personally handed out 10,000 FMX stickers. That's just me. I know we use to get them in cases of 5,000.

Advanced Graphix
Advanced Graphix

Hey, times change and people aren't so much into stickers anymore...or are they? I guess we'll see.

The FMX Purple Spot sticker will be coming back for a limited run. While I can't guarantee it will be the last time we'll ever make them, you just never know. We've been having fun making other things, like shot glasses, bottle openers, t-shirts and other cool stuff, so stickers kind of seemed like a low priority.

I do believe this will be the first time we've ever had any made that say "Lubbock's Rock Station." I think the last run of stickers we did still said "Absolute Rock" on them.

Anyways, whether you put them on your car, your toolbox, your fridge or your skateboard, we're just happy you think of us enough to rock the purple spot. Be listening for your chance to snag one!

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