The FMX Purple Spot has been a lot of cool places, but we think this is a first.

Actually, I may be wrong because we did send two listeners to see the Smashing Pumpkins in London, but they didn't bring back a souvenir pic.

The FMX Purple spot has been everywhere. One of my favorites we used to have on the control room door of the Purple Spot on a really large bomb with a couple of our servicemen and a couple of shrieks who were on our side standing in front of it.

I digress though. Here is listener Stephen Kelly and wife making their way across the road made famous by The Beatles. Evidently, the road is a nonstop parade of folks walking back and forth so we really appreciate the family taking time off their vacation to show London how Texas rocks!

Oh, and after you check out the pic below, you can check out a live cam that broadcasts from Abbey Road here.

...but wait, after this pic there's more...

S. Kelly

If it wasn't enough to have the FMX Purple Spot on Abbey Road, the FMX RockShow RoadCrew shirt can be seen peeking out of Stephens jacket at Stonehenge. That completely rocks!

S. Kelly