We wanted to take a moment and thank our oldest advertiser.

Ralph's Records has been with 94.5 FMX since day one. It's been so long that I keep wanting to type 'Ralph's Records & Tapes.' I don't even know if that was ever officially part of their name, I just know that's how we always referred to them.

Ralph's has been rockin' with FMX since 1981 and we wanted to do something just a little special for them and for you. On Saturday, March 20th, the first 40 people to spend $10 or more at Ralph's Records will get a free 40th anniversary collectors FMX t-shirt with their purchase.

Join Renee' Raven at Ralph's Records this Saturday (March 20th) from 3 - 5 p.m. as she kicks off this special bonus.

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We thought this would be a great way to help a small business come out of the other side of the pandemic and thank them for their undying loyalty to the station. So that's it, spend $10 and you'll get a $20 shirt for free. If that's not one of the greatest deals ever, then I don't know what is.

We've already decked out the Ralph's Records staff with shirts as a thank you for being there for us and now it's your turn. This particular design, with the old-school FMX scratch design on the front and back, will not be reprinted in its 40th anniversary form any time in the near future (maybe on our 50th birthday).

We're so grateful to have Ralph's Records, and so many of you, along for the ride.

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