Wow. It's been 40 years.

Well, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. The day we mark as our birthday is January 18th, 1981 (our Wikipedia needs an update, but here you go). I remember KFMX launching because it was only months later that I began working here as a part-timer.

I cannot stress enough the impact this radio station had on the cowboy town of Lubbock, Texas. There was just nothing cool about Lubbock before KFMX. Even the top 40 stations were kind of family-friendly, nonoffensive, vanilla versions of that format.

For those of us searching for our place in the world, KFMX was the big city coming to town. It caught everyone by surprise and even woke up some of the other sleepy radio stations.

The station was not accepted by all, and far from it. There were tons of people who did not want anything to do with a rock radio station and they really didn't want it in their town either.


Part of our rebel image was reflected in our logo. It was the scratchy, graffiti nature of the logo that made us look like outlaws (incidentally, the man that drew the logo works for the t.v. show Texas Country Reporter). The logo was originally presented on a trapezoid as a nod to the Pyramid Plaza which we all thought would put Lubbock on the map. While Pyramid Plaza is a nice place, it was FMX that put Lubbock on the map for a lot of people in the surrounding communities.

Enough history, let's get to the meat of the matter. Our 40th Birthday is on the way and while I'm certain we'll eventually celebrate it with a show, it won't be this January. Instead, we'll acknowledge the incredible history of the station on-air and with a limited run of collector's item FMX shirts.

I toyed with the idea of putting "40 years" on the shirts or adding the purple spot to the front, but no, we're going to be faithful to our heritage and just rock the classic FMX logo. Those who know what's up will know what's up and those that don't, just don't matter.

Be listening for your chances to win one of these shirts and make sure you have our app to win.

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