It's amazing to me that A.) I made it into the Urban Dictionary, and B) it wasn't for something foul.

My first attempt at making it to the Urban Dictionary was the term "Dustbillies." Basically, hillbilly types from the more dusty, arid areas of the Southwest. I guess they thought "rednecks" was sufficient enough. However, I think the two are two different things.

My second attempt at submitting to Urban Dictionary was/is based on a regular life experience that all of us have had. The best way to illustrate it is in the form of a question: 'Have you ever looked for something so hard that you couldn't see it was in front of your face the whole time?' That particular thought gave way to a new term that the Urban Dictionary embraced? I also submitted it under a funny nickname.

If you'd like to vote on my word, you can do that here. Here's a screenshot:


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