I knew it was time for a return, I'm just surprised that Jake's Backroom got this hot lineup.

The P.O.D. show, set for October 3rd, 2021, includes from From Ashes To New and super-hot newcomers All Good Things.

I cannot say enough good things about P.O.D. These guys seriously elevated their game. They've grown to the point where they put on one of the best, most passionate, shows that you could possibly experience.

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The guys are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album Satellite, which featured the mega-hits "Alive," "Boom" and "Youth Of The Nation". That album also racked up tons of awards and is responsible for a big chunk of the 21 million albums that the band has sold.

We're expecting new and big things from the band From Ashes To New as well. The band's Matt Case had a big year after he added vocals to The Hu's "Yuve Yuve Yu." I expect we'll have some new music from them before the event.

This bill is also lucky to have some super-hot newcomers opening the show. All Good Things just started making a ton of noise and are a featured performer on Loudwire Nights.

I would say that this show will sell out at some point. I can't say whether that will be soon or the day before, but I seriously doubt you'll be able to get a ticket the night of the show.

Tickets will be available online here and at Ralph's Records.

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