Some lawmakers are in a tizzy about good ole' American greenbacks.

There is a movement afoot to force businesses to take cash. Like many other laws and potential laws, this is outdated nonsense.  We've found better forms of currency.  Electronic debit and credit are better, safer and what people CHOOSE to use.

Why should a business be forced to use cash if they don't want to? It's their business and the government should stay out of their business. As a matter of fact, this whole issue seems to be upside down; you'd think the government would WANT your transactions tracked.

It's simple, we're in a future that was not visualized when "legal tender" was conceived. Forcing small businesses to abide by silly laws like this is unduly burdensome and even a bit dangerous (I can't wait for the first lawsuit to drop when someone is robbed for their cash because the government made them have it). Let's hope this bill is a non-starter. Let businesses take payment any way they choose.

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