This is a VERY cool video.

Sara, now "Scara" used to host Saturday and Sunday mornings on KFMX before she went on to real life. Now as part of that real life, she's living as a horror host and front person for a band called "The Immortals".

I've shared some of The Immortals stuff before, but this time around it's a cover of the song "Dead Man's Party" that was originally featured on the soundtrack to "Back To School" with Rodney Dangerfield. The song was from the band "Oingo Boingo" which featured Danny Elfman who is now THE guy when it comes to scoring movie soundtracks. Elfman has done soundtracks for all kinds of movies from The Justice League to all of the back in the day Tim Burton movies.

Like a lot of Lubbock ex-patriots, Scara makes her home in Austin these days and has cliched up with some other Hub City alumni to explore some creative horror projects. I will say this is a HORROR video and features some very graphic scenes, including one inspired by a scene in the Faces Of Death videos.

We are hoping to bring the band to Lubbock in November (sorry but they are booked solid through October). We think there are enough horror-punks around these parts to support a show. The band combines influences from The Misfits to Rob Zombie and that sounds like a very potent cocktail.

Halloween will be here before you know it, get ready with a "Dead Man's Party".

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