I love the kids over at Laugh Hub City.

I'm a big fan of the guys and gals at Laugh Hub City and I've spent enough time with them, that I also find it hilarious when they completely die on stage. I only bring that up because this "First Stage" podcast is about local comedians and their first time on stage.

Not only do the guys talk about one of their first sets, they usually bring around a recording of one of their earliest shows. This brings me an emotion I can only describe as "glee" when I hear some of my favorite jokesters eat a hot pile of dookie on stage.

So what's funny about the guys dying? I dunno, what's funny about when your friend gets hit in the business?  You laugh, then move in to help (as long as you don't have to tough their business). It's just plain funny when your friends suffer a minor insult or injury.  There's a name for this and it's schadenfreude. Dictionary.com defines it as:

"satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune"

Moving on...you can get a little insight into how the guys first got on stage as well as some cool peripheral stuff about the Lubbock comedy scene by checking out the podcasts right here.   Hosts Aaron Durbin and Caleb Davis have knocked out seven episodes so far with another in the mixdown stages right now.

Let me close by saying that these are some VERY FUNNY people who have now been doing this for years, this is just a taste of how they got their start.

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