Well, we had no idea this was going on, or we would have sent well wishes earlier.

Longtime KCBD anchor Abner Euresti posted on his Facebook page that he is recuperating from a bout with diverticulitis.

I myself was diagnosed with the same disease, and fortunately, it has not turned serious. I can tell you it's a lot of pain, and if you ask me, the symptoms sound a lot like what Kurt Cobain always complained about.

Anyways, we've made Abner the butt of many jokes over the years and he's never stooped to our level, so that shows you how classy the guy is. We hope he's back on his feet soon so we can get back to ribbing him.

Oh, and Abner, if you're reading this: we were going to send this nurse over to you, but we didn't know what hospital you were in. 

Young blonde woman in a nurse outfit

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