Lupus is a very scary disease. It's hard to diagnose and harder to treat.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that often has symptoms that are misdiagnosed as other problems. Basic symptoms are fatigue, swelling of joints, and rashes. Is that enough for ya? Well, sometimes Lupus can also cause kidney, blood, lung and heart problems. If you'd like to know more, you can check in with the Lupus Foundation Of America.

With all of this, one of the hardest fights Lupus sufferers have is the fight against ignorance. These type of "floating pains" and various elements make it really hard to pin down. For this reason, it also helps to have a great base of support and we recommend the Lubbock Lupus Group. We feel like they can really put you in touch with what's happening.

A few years back a very special listener with Lupus reached out to us to help with a small event. At that time we thought the least we could do is help bring awareness during the month of May. It's not much, but you may notice that the dot in our logo has been replaced with a Lupus ribbon on our Facebook cover. Its purpose is to get people talking, to recognize Lupus as a real problem and to encourage those people suffering these kinds of symptoms to get help.

We're here for you guys, we know you're hurting and we are hoping for a cure for this terrible disease.




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