Have you heard of this new Texas law?

If someone donates a sign that says "In God We Trust" to a school in Texas that meets certain specifications, then that sign has to be posted in a conspicuous place. The signs must have "In God We Trust" on them, followed by an American and Texas flag, and feature no other words on them.

So, it's great that God is back in schools now. We certainly won't have any more bullying or violence of any kind. Everyone who prays will now get an A+ on their tests and, of course, their football team will win on Friday night.

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Of course, this is all bulls**t. This was snuck under the radar as posting "our national motto" when the real push was to insert religious learning into public schools. It's the kind of sneaky, underhanded thing that makes you hate politicians.

Putting these signs up probably will not have the effect that these politicians think it will. It will probably fade quickly into background noise or give the kids the heebie-jeebies feeling that Big Brother is watching them.

When I heard this news I was at first disgusted that the Texas Taliban was able to put another notch on its belt, then I tried to remember anything on the walls of my school. I can't remember a single dang thing from any class, and I was a really good student.

In addition, this push has already backfired. A grumpy atheist read the law and discovered a loophole. Nowhere in the law does it say the signs have to be in English, so he's started sending these posters out in Arabic. I think we all know heads will explode once some of those are spotted.

Just remember, kids: when someone is trying to force something on you, run away from it. When someone is trying to take something away from you (like books), run toward them. Question authority, especially when it's being rammed down your throat.

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