Around 1987, Johnny Walker and I took the third iteration of the Breakfast Flakes morning show to Austin, Texas. We went to work for a low-powered classic rock called Z102. It was at that time that I met Mike Driver.

During that 2 and 1/2 years, we tore through the town, up and down 6th Street, back and forth across Lake Austin and all around town. We had an absolute blast. The radio station never really could decide what the heck it was (there was all kinds of Austin music along with the classic rock, so it was a weird hybrid), so despite some legendary stunts, and after my refusal to sell out my partner, we were let go.

Not long after that it was off to Spokane. While there, I got the call to return to KFMX to manage the station. I almost immediately reached out to Driver to come work for us, but he was having too much fun in Austin.

Driver later reached out to us and said his time in Austin was done. It was perfect timing. We brought him on 25 years ago on July 3rd. During his years here, we tore through Lubbock in a way that would embarrass our friends in Austin.

We've had hundreds of shows, thousands of parties and so much more. It's been an incredible ride, and Driver's name will always be a legendary part of KFMX.

Driver has decided that the time is right to split. He's been number one more times than I can count, and his radio show has been sold out for pretty much 22 years in a row. He just has nothing left to prove and a lot of years left to have fun doing other things.

He performed his last show and signed off to "Happy Trails" and a big thank you to all you listeners at 6:50 p.m. Sunday night.

The entire staff here, and I know you listeners, would like to thank Driver for 25 great years of fun, radio and companionship on FMX.

Best of luck, D!

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