We lost a great friend to the station Wednesday.


Doldrum Pow is the wrestling name of our friend Daniel.

Daniel was a great friend of the radio stations and once told me that it was a "dream come true" when he heard me announce his name over a PA. He was what you'd call a "gentle giant" -- a big guy who would do anything in the wrestling ring to entertain, but was sweet as the day is long in real life.

I saw Doldrum get hit with a flaming bat; get thrown onto a thousand thumbtacks; and actually have the skin on his stomach insanely welted after being attacked by a weed-eater. This guy had NO limits! We had only met Doldrum a year ago and we were so impressed we purchased a hardcore wrestling belt with the hopes that he'd be the first champion. And he was.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help The Spears during this time:

The Spears family lost a wonderful husband and father Thursday morning. My cousin Katrina is a stay at home mom. Her husband Daniel took care of the family’s financial needs and worked very hard to provide for all five of them. Katrina needs help with the cremation of her husband, and would also like to keep the kids in the family home till after Christmas. The financial assistance will give her and the kids time to find a home that they can afford. Thank you to anyone that can help.

I will leave it to closer friends than I to sum up Daniel's life in and out of the ring. I just wanted to mention that I met a really special individual about a year ago and the world is a darker place without him.

Our condolences to Daniel's friends, family and fans of Rampage Wrestling and all of the other great circuits that Doldrum had visited.

You can also help his family through Meal Train.

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