I guess you've seen myself or others write about those weird descriptions of Lubbock that seem to have little basis in reality.

On a whim I typed in "Lubbock" and something came up called Google Quick Facts. It offered the following description:

Lubbock is a city in northwest Texas known as the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll legend Buddy Holly. The Buddy Holly Center celebrates his life and music with artifacts and mementos. Nearby is the West Texas Walk of Fame, with a statue of Holly and plaques honoring musicians from the region. The Museum of Texas Tech University houses millions of objects of art, history and paleontology, plus the Moody Planetarium-Google Quick Facts

That's not bad, right? There's no hype about wine or anything else that these (paid for?) travelogue-type reports put out about the town. It's just as clear as a bell what we have to offer in the quickest of ways.

I could improve on it one eensy bit with this line:

Located in cotton country, Lubbock serves as an economic and medical hub for cities all over the South Plains-Wes Nessman

I think if you added these two things together you would probably improve on our profile just a bit. How we're perceived is pretty darn important and I like this very realistic vibe of what is "major" about the town and what isn't. I guess if you were to drill down further I'd mention LCU and some of the public memorials, but then we're going far beyond the "Quick Facts" designation.

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