I don't believe in ad hominem attacks, UNTIL the person you are arguing with starts down that road. With that in mind, Governor Abbott is a giant paranoid goofball.

Texas Gov. Abbott, Attorney Gen. Paxton And Sen. Ted Cruz Address TX Federal Ruling Delaying Obama's Executive Action On Immigration
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Abbott decided to try to take the down to his level during a Belton speech, referring to it as "The People's Republic of Austin" and said as he drove across the Travis County Line he could smell "freedom that doesn't exist in Austin, Texas." He then took the really, really low road and referred to Austin's Sheriff as "Sanctuary Sally" and so on.

Simply put, Abbott is pissy because Austin doesn't bow down to him.

It takes a real scuzzball to take all of this political nonsense and turn it into personal attacks, or even an attack against a city that is home to so many of our friends. These are Texans, and this turd of a governor is looking to divide us. (Sorry, like I said, once he went low, it was time for us to go low.)

Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the World and home to so many Lubbock and West Texas folk that we are morally obliged to defend it. The town and Georgetown (north of Austin) are two of the fastest growing cities in America (couldn't be because people love it, could it?).

Abbott needs to slow his roll and apologize. There's too much crap going on in the world to let a goofy politician try to divide us Texans. Go back to deciding where people pee-pee, Greg.

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