The "Windy Man" sculpture has returned at least once to Lubbock's Highways.  This article includes strong language because talking common sense has had no effect.

The Windy Man icon has returned and before some misled jackoff destroys this one, how about a little Bible study time. A "Graven Image" is simply a drawn or carved image. You probably have a "graven image" that your kids or kid brother brought home from school and put on your refrigerator. Before you call the neighbors over to stone you until you're dead, you need to know that the key to the proscription against graven images, is the follow up that tells you not to bow to them or worship them before your God. So, lets go through this again, ANY image is a "graven" image. Graven just means "created" so even a photo of your mom is a "graven" image. The word "graven" itself has no religious connotation assigned to it, it's just an outdated word for "drawn or carved". All you have to do according to the Bible is to not worship it. Once again last time some religious nuts got worked up enough to smash the last Windy Man image. If you're going to do that, go smash up a row of Barbies at Walmart or start burning books that have pictures in them, or better yet how about smashing up a row of those pretty little cherub figurines?

Now the above is me being nice an using the interpretations of religious scholars to keep the peace. How about we not destroy things because we're supposed to be a tolerant kind society and not a bunch of nutty sh#theads? The first time I heard of the Taliban is when they destroyed those Buddist statues (sound familiar to you God Squaders?). Once again peoples ability to "pick and choose" what they want out of the Bible amazes me. You either believe all of it, or you don't. It's your choice.

Here's the an article about the nutty sh@theads that


destroyed this public art the first time.

Oh yeah, the Windy Man is now on the side of the freeway on a different part of town, but If you think I'm going to help Gods people interpret his law in a really f@#$ed up way, then you're wrong.  These people obviously can't open their eyes wide enough to read their own bibles, so I doubt they'll be able to find the sculpture itself.

We're in Lubbock, the wind blows.  Calling Chicago "the Windy City" didn't hurt it, Windy man is not going to hurt us.  It is a cool little gift of public art from the fine folks at TexDot.  The people in Corpus Christi aren't complaining that they have pictures of fish (once again technically a graven image) on their new highways.

Oh, and if you want to talk about "worshiping" graven images, there is that statue of Buddy Holly in town.

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