Could October be our "new" concert season? It sure seems like April/May got screwed up by the overabundance of festivals. I figured you guys could use some good news, and I have it for you.


We have two possible shows of note for October and one forDecember, two which would sell out the Pavilion and another that by crikey, should sell out the Amp.

I'll be the first to admit that this year has been weak, then again we got blink which was a huge, welcome surprise.  Now we're looking at two possible shows in October and one in December. I'll be straight up, the big one is less likely, but we still have a very good chance.

So, what other clues can I give you? I can tell you that one the artists for the Pavillion show specifically requested that he play Lubbock again because he/his band DOMINATED the last two times they were here.  As with any return performer, I'm sure that there will be an outlier or two who will say "again?", but more than enough of us will say "AGAIN!!!!" in a positive way and sell out an up close and personal show. This show may be announced as early as this week and it's a great top to bottom lineup with another familiar face in the middle and super, super hot newcomers in the opening slot.

As for the other possible Pavilion show, it's another Lubbock favorite as well and one of the best live shows anywhere. We've seen them on both the small and big stage out at the Amp, but it's been a long time since they've visited. They've got a new record on the way and are ready to tear up the road.


So what about that big show? Well, we're doing everything we can and those of you who voted in our recent poll helped quite a bit too. Just cross your fingers and save your bucks, we may have a killer October full of shows and haunted houses!


    Papa Roach Ft. Maria Brink "Gravity" Live

    Lubbock, Texas

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