I have written many blogs about our need to decriminalize and legalize weed, there's one area of this topic that I'd really like to address and that is anti-pot hysteria.

Donald Weber, Getty
Donald Weber, Getty

Support for legalization of marijuana across America has reached a new high. 60% of Americans surveyed are now in support of it. Still, we have politicians hanging on to old reefer madness era lies and exaggerations. The fact that over half of America wants this and politicians refuse to make it happen shows me we no longer have a representative government and instead live in a nanny state.

As I've mentioned before, the implications of enforcing outdated pot laws and continuing with nonsense propaganda only leads to mistrust with the government itself. Sorry politicians, it's no longer the kids, but it's now the grandparents that know you are absolutely full of beans when it comes to weed.

There is no freedom if you are not free to do what you want with your own person. If you are engaging in anything under your own free will that is not hurting anyone else or even hurting society, then it's your own business.  As for the politicians who want to double down on enforcement, get ready for us to double down on kicking your lying rear to the curb.

And one last item, for those of us who believe in an individual's personal rights, let me say thank you to the peaceable proponents of marijuana who have fought a long, tough battle toward legalization. You are creating change.  You aren't there yet, but a 60% approval rating is massive.

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