It's officially Pride Month. In fact, I'm a day late.

I guess I'm what's called an "ally," but I don't care if you call me gay. Well, I care because I know you mean it in a demeaning way, but I just don't think being gay is anything to be ashamed of.

It can be tough to be an ally in what at least used to be the very testosterone-fueled world of rock and metal. I think all of that has calmed down just a little, but we still eventually hear from ignorant 14-year-old boys or redneck-types who just want a group to punch down on.

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I'll never forget that once upon a time I was part of a comedy service that made funny songs and fake commercials. They issued a book that was supposed to make you a better and funnier air personality. In this book, which was issued in the '80s, it said that two of the easiest targets were gay people and fat people. Ever since I read that I made a choice not to pick on gays, and the jokes I make about being fat aren't really about fat people, but rather things that make you fat. It just seemed like those jokes were "cheap" to me.

It goes deeper than that though. Like all of you, I have a couple of gay family members, and some of the trials they've had to go through are just uncalled for. Homophobic behavior is bullying, and I'm just not down with that. One of my core beliefs is that everyone deserves a chance at a good life on their one trip on this planet. I just want to do my thing and I want the same for others.

I hope there comes a day when Pride Month is not necessary, but it isn't here quite yet. As long as some gay people have to live closeted lives or in fear for some reason, then yes, a month to fly a rainbow flag isn't too much to ask for. It would be awesome if Lubbock could truly be the friendliest city in the world by being accepting and loving towards everyone.

Happy Pride Month.

P.S. Before I published this, I saw a post from another group that I am greatly proud to support. Thank you, Lubbock Police Department:



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