The Lubbock Laugh Off returns to World Of Beer this Friday night.


The Lubbock Laugh Off brings you the best in Lubbock stand up comedy, all in easily digestible bite-sized chunks.  Have you ever seen a comedian on stage and thought, "man I'd like to punch that guy in the face"?  Well, first off, you need counseling. Secondly, we rotate six comedians in and out rapid-fire style so you never get too much of anybody. We even have a break in the middle for last months winner to do a set.

Your lineup this week includes three former winners, and two of them have won several times:

Steven Feldman
Landry Morren
Kimothy Williams
Austin Meador
Adam S. Telfah
Sharrodd Hightower

The whole crazy affair is less than an hour and there is no cover for these shenanigans. Last months winner J.J. Howell will be the featured comedian. Your host will be the handsome and fresh smelling host of the RockShow, Wes Nessman. Damn, if this isn't better than Velveeta dip on Superbowl Sunday!

The whole thing starts at nine sharp!

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