Every time I thought this list was done, along came more bands.

It is often surprising the bands, and that have and have not visited the Hub City. I was certain Soundgarden never visited, but the soundman for the show said they did play the Depot Warehouse. I also have some folks who say that System Of A Down DID play here during their career. Then there are confusing cases like Green Day and Tom Petty who were both booked here twice and canceled both shows. Weezer, Dave Mathews Band, ELO, and The Doors were late entries into the "did not play list" and did not make the pictures.

On the "did play" but were frequently mentioned were Ghost, Alterbridge, and U2. Also the #1 most mentioned "did not play here" band was Sleep Token who was just here with In This Moment (pay attention kids!).

We could literally compile this list forever. You'll find some of the entries below a little ridiculous (of course The Beatles didn't play here) then there are the headscratchers (are you sure the Black Crowes didn't play here?). Enjoy.

Bands That Have Not Visited Lubbock

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