No, it's not currently illegal for you to french kiss your goat or sodomize your horse.


You'd think having sex with a dog would be against the law. Seems like it would, now wouldn't it? Well, there really isn't a law against it (and I guess you could argue that your dog enjoyed it). I don't think that argument would get you too far, but that's one glaring error in Texas' lack of bestiality laws.

So you say to yourself, 'wait, isn't there something that can be done to the cow molesters in Texas?' Actually, there is -- offenders are frequently prosecuted under animal cruelty or public lewdness laws. Texas lawmakers are currently looking to fix this problem/oversight.

A proposed new law would make sexual contact with an animal straight-up prosecutable. Horsey-diddling would get you two years, and even a felony if the animal was hurt or worse.

This is a law we probably need. In fact, the worst thing about this law is knowing it wasn't a law before.

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