Why would you be a jerk to someone who has a needle in your arm?

Stories are rolling in from all over about exasperated healthcare workers. I'd like to pitch in a local one.

A family member went to get a blood test and the phlebotomist asked them if they were vaccinated in kind of a hushed tone. They answered "yes," and the phlebotomist told them about how they are constantly shouted at for asking a question that is standard procedure.

"No, I'm not, I will not, and they can't make me!" just about covers what they are hearing, when a simple "no," "naw" or "not at this time" will do. That's the problem here, folks and the reason for the exasperation. It isn't completely about them making a bad choice, it's them being an obnoxious jerk about it.

So let's get this straight: you're at the doctor and trust the doctor to "read" your blood so they can prescribe medicines, but you won't take the shot they think you should have. Does that just about cover it? Okay, I'm not even going to say anything else about that, but I do suggest you go back and read that again.

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Making things crazier is a story I read today about anti-vaxxers who need blood transfusions insisting that they get blood from someone who hasn't been vaccinated. Seriously.

I very much understand that you're making a choice, but it's time you learned that you are stuck with the repercussions of that choice. I promise you, most medical professionals won't show favoritism intentionally, but if you're a jerk and you won't follow medical advice, then you'll probably go to the back of the line.

Medical professionals are not restaurant owners. Medical professionals don't need your business right now; they have plenty. Treat them well, and they'll treat you well. If your mama didn't tell you that you'll catch more flies with sugar, then I'm telling you that now.

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