One of Lubbock's most beloved musicians is battling cancer.

Ben Vasquez from Whips N Kisses and The Ducks is in a serious fight. At this point, I'll let his best friend take over:

My name is Doug Stapp,
My best friend Ben Vasquez (Lexxxi Steele in Whips n Kisses) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. His Cancer has broken down the bone in his pelvis and even fractured the L7 in his lower spine. His Surgery is June 28th at Covenent Medical Center in Lubbock, TX and Chemo, Radiation and PT to start afterwards. We are trying to raise money to help with mounting medical bills so he can attempt to fight this with a little less worries.
Ben has been my best friend since we were teenagers. Ben also has an amazing 7 year old son Maverick! A huge amount of you will know him from our bands Whips N Kisses, where he plays the Lexxxi Steele character and also The Ducks for the last 16 years. Not only is he one of the most amazing guys on earth, but obviousy means so much to all of us.
Anyone who knows Ben, or has been seen him play live all of these years, any help is appreciated. If you have any questions at all please contact me here.
Thank you all so much. -Doug Stapp
We talk a good game about being a city that's all about the music and now it's time to step up for someone who has entertained around here forever. Here's the location of the GoFundMe. Remember, if everyone does a little, then the sum total is a lot. In addition Whips N Kisses is planning one final show on August 6th at Jake's with proceeds to benefit Ben.

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