Our mayor has done a fine job of keeping everything pretty much status quo in Lubbock.

Other than a few fun runs I have no idea what our mayor is about. I don't see a vision and I don't see a plan. Now, he very well may have these things, but if he does, he is not doing a very good job getting that news out there.  Even worse (for him) than that, every time a city spokesman is needed it's usually a city councilman who steps up (usually Steve Massengale).

It could be that everyone is a bit "gun shy" due to whatever the thing that is Citizen's Tower is going to be, but that's still kind of not an excuse. Ask a normal Lubbockite who that tower is for and they'll tell you it's for "them" (the politicians) and not us (the citizens).  I'd like to see Lubbock adopt some type of pro-technology, pro-medicine, or some other type of initiative to define our road and goals going forward.

I guess in these politically turbulent times some politicians want to just take the "steady as she goes" route, I prefer the saying "fortune favors the brave". It's time for someone to rock the boat a bit and decide what Lubbock is going to be in the future. We are two months away from a new decade and there is no bold vision for Lubbock going forward.

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