Tonight is the last little bit of "May-Hem" for a while.

The Show

A great run of live shows comes to an end tonight. P.O.D., Bad Wolves, Norman Jean, and Blind Channel are ready to rock Jake's Backroom. Yes, you read that correctly, the show has been moved out of the weather and into Jake's Backroom. If you have a ticket to this one already you are lucky, and if you don't, get by Ralph's as soon as you can. In the event that Ralph's sells out of hard tickets, you can try your luck at the door tonight.

Rock Now!

We're coming off a Memorial Day Weekend and into a Tuesday night. So, will Lubbock step up and rock while it has the chance? It sure seems like we're set for a raucous night in the Hub City (at least Lubbock hasn't let us down before). Yes, some of you are sunburned and a little tired from Memorial Day activities, but I'll remind you that this is the last show of it's type until we hit Powerman 5000 in July.

Production Times

I also have to put a disclaimer in with production times. We can have ten shows that follow the times perfectly, then one that is way off. We certainly don't want you to miss your favorite band, so "Showtime" as far as we're concerned, is "as quick as you can get there". As far as official times handed about to the bands and crew, they go as follows:

7:20 PM - 7:50 PM NORMA JEAN
8:10 PM - 8:50 PM BAD WOLVES
9:10 PM - 10:40 PM P.O.D


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