I guess some of you have obligations. We, on the other hand, are devoting our entire night to a party!

Hellyeah live in Lubbock, Texas - June 21, 2016
Photo: Gabriel Madrid

The beads, the hats, the party favors and the shirts are packed and ready to go. The FMX Birthday Bash is ready to rock Saturday night at Wild West. But what if you get off work late, or what if you have to be up early on Sunday? Then you might be interested to know the production times for the show. Now keep in mind that production times can change. Production times should be viewed as "this is when they intend to do things". So with that in mind, here's how Saturday night is shaping up.

Doors 7pm

The Crowned 8-8:30

Sons of Texas 8:45-9:15

Hellyeah 9:45

No set lists from Hellyeah's current run are being circulated yet, but my guess is they'll do between an hour and 75 minutes. Tickets are available here and at Ralph's up until about an hour before showtime.


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