I saw a question about tattoos on Facebook the other day, and it's epic.

The question was in a graphic from a Facebook group called "Scary Mommy." The question was simple: "If you had to go into battle using only the things tattooed on you, how would you do?"

Of course, I love this question because I'd be geared up.

First up, I have a dragon, and that would help a bunch. Then, I have an entire army of the undead, 13 skeletons in all. All of these skeletons have items ranging from swords to shields, mic stands and more. If they were real, they could really do some damage. I have a giant wasp bigger than the palm of your hand, and both an anchor and giant cross/plus sign that would do a lot of damage.

So what about you? Do you have a tweety bird you could beat somebody with, or something more dangerous? Let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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