How can I possibly say that one restaurant is the worst to ever exist in Lubbock? Well strap in and you will 100% agree with me in less than three minutes.

It's a crazy world when you can't trust people handling your food. Sure, we love to talk about fast food restaurants slipping a little bit post-pandemic. Trust me, you'd much rather be missing your fries than the fate some Lubbock restaurants had.

Now before we get down to brass tacks, the space is still being used as a restaurant and those ghosts of the past should stay ghosts. In other words, the walls of the place didn't hurt people, it was the safety practices or lack of them by the owners back in the day that caused the tragedy. For this reason, I'm not even going to list the location, but just the name.

In 1983, during the month of October, there were 123 physician-diagnosed cases of hepatitis.100 of those cases were directly connected to a place called "People's Restaurant". At this point, reports of the incident are very scarce, but if memory serves me correctly, some deaths were also attributed to the outbreak. Also, the word on the street was that all of this began with backed-up sewage drains in the kitchen. Again, despite all my Googling, this was 1983 so it's hard to confirm anything other than the 123-person outbreak.

Now, think about your absolute worst restaurant experience whether it be cold food, a hair in potatoes, or a rude waiter. Sorry, your story just doesn't compare. No story even comes close to my choice as the worst restaurant to ever exist in Lubbock.

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