How about something positive about the Hub City?

Of course, there are many positive things about the Hub City. Let's start with Texas Tech. Tech is not only a dang fine institution of higher learning, but they are leaders in the community and set great examples for the rest of us. They don't get weighed down by local politics, and don't usually insinuate themselves in such either. They just do great things and hope people will follow.

Lubbock has one of the fastest and easiest commutes anywhere. I live out by the airport and it still only takes me 13-14 minutes to make it all the way over to 82nd and Quaker. We all love to complain about all of the bad drivers, but for the most part, it's clear sailing.

I'd also say that we're a "well-mannered" city. I'm not buying into that "friendliest city" nonsense because our violent crime statistics tell a different story, but having good manners goes a long way toward respecting other people.

I supposed I could dissect a dozen other things, but I have a brand new one for you, and that is...Lubbock is one of the sunniest cities in the United States. Lubbock has an average of about 264 sunny days per year, well beyond the average of 205 days per year.

Yes, the sunny weather can lead to dry, overwhelming heat. There are consequences that come from even the best things, but sunny days can really turn into "sunny attitudes" and start your day off right.  According to PsychCentral, a lack of sun can actually "have a negative effect on mental health".

So enjoy your sunny days Lubbock, just have some a/c and sunscreen ready.

Which of these Lubbock photos gives off worse vibes?


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