Of course, Lubbock has tons of upside, if it didn't then we probably wouldn't be here.

It seems to me that tourism-type folks get so much wrong about Lubbock. Number one on any list seems to be "wine" or some wine event of some sort.  I do know a couple of people who are sommeliers, but other than that, I really don't know anybody who drinks wine (I really think Lubbock is more of a Bud Light community).

Of course, our biggest draw has to be Texas Tech sports, but I guess we let those speak for themselves, or we're at least unwilling to pay for the rights to include a little of that video in our travel reels.

Then there's Buddy Holly. There is absolutely no mistaking his impact on music, but that was so long ago that the musicians he directly influenced are already dying of old age. I guess we won't even talk about that other famous music lady that was from here.

So, let's get to it now, here's the one good proven thing about Lubbock; we have tons of elbow room here! This is not a joke, Lubbock has a low population density. We have a little over 1900 people per square mile in town. We just aren't too crowded together here. In fact, Lubbock is a bit sprawling, having failed in trying to keep businesses inside Loop 289.

Lots of space for the people can mean cheaper land and more opportunities for businesses. It can also make this like public transportation a little tougher and green spaces/parks a little further apart, but we appear to be doing okay.

Lubbock doesn't appear to be restricting business or residential growth in any way, so it appears you'll have plenty of room for many years to come.

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