A group of highly gassy professionals has come up with the ultimate ranking system for yes...


At this point, you're highly intrigued or ready to move along to another blog. Here's how the system works. The loudness of the gas is ranked from #1 to #5, with five as the loudest. The second part is the smell. This is ranked by "cheese", as in the more cheese the stinkier.

So let's try and boil this down. Let's say you had a barely audible toot that did not smell; that would be a "number one with no cheese".  While if you really blew a super loud stinker that might be a "number five with triple cheese".

That's the system right there, except for the most disastrous of accidents, which as known as "with sauce".  That's the ones you have to change your underwear afterward.

You're welcome.



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