Pearl Jam is in Fort Worth tonight and their merch is cool!

I remember exactly what I got as souvenirs at my very first concert. The show was Blue Oyster Cult in 1976 for the Agents Of Fortune Tour (the album that had {Don't Fear} The Reaper on it). I picked up a tour program. Tour programs aren't so popular anymore because they were basically some pictures and band info, which is the kind of stuff you can get so easily over the internet. Just to not keep you hanging, I also got a tour shirt that was so small (the other sizes were worn out) that I passed it along to my daughter in almost pristine condition three decades later.

Pearl Jam, for as long as I remember, has made their merchandise very proprietary to either the place or the area they are playing. While other bands might have one shirt that has all of their tour dates on the back, Pearl Jam will at least have an option that mentions the state or the town they are in. These things are also available in very limited quantities and if they don't sell out the night of the show are liquidated quickly to Pearl Jam collectors.

Well tonight Pearl Jam plays the first of two nights in Fort Worth, followed by two night is Austin and they've done a reveal of their Texas leg merchandise. I've included their Facebook post with everything in it below, but I the one item that I think will blow out is this:

Facebook/Pearl Jam
Facebook/Pearl Jam

Notice how this "Event Plate" even says "Fort Worth" on it, and not just Texas. This is just an incredible memento of the concerts in the Metroplex (I will also remind you that Texas requires front and back license plates, so this is really just "art")

You can take all of this as crass commercialism, but I see it as really treating the fans to something special. Pearl Jam even makes their stuff available before the concert so you can take it back to your car instead of getting it messed up while you rock out.

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