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On a whim, I typed "Lubbock" and "Stupid" into the YouTube search.

Some of the videos that come up had little to nothing to do with Lubbock, so let's set some of those aside. Overwhelmingly, a video search of Lubbock + stupid = driving videos, so let's just focus on those. I was very surprised that three of those videos were ones that I made quite a long time ago.

Before we get to it, let me say that most of these videos include cursing. (Isn't that what you do when you encounter a knucklehead?)

At number one, it's "Stupid Drivers of Lubbock From Fall 2019"

The number two bad driving video features a rear-end collision (at least that's what it appears to be). It's called "Lubbock Idiots."

Next up is an Everything Lubbock report that conducts a straw poll on "What Are The Worst Habits of Lubbock Drivers?"

Next up is me! I was actually surprised I came up in this search. This is a PROFANE video I made called "How Not to Drive Like a Stupid A$$h@le in Lubbock - Episode 2: Using Your Turn Signal."

Next is a video called "Bad Drivers of Lubbock." This video (eventually) shows a vehicle intentionally driving behind a big truck backing up. Later, the commentary says the driver is found to be talking to her kids and on the phone.

Next up, your boy hits the daily double. First, it's "Episode One of "How Not to Drive Like a Stupid A$$sh@le in Lubbock: Parking Lots."

And here I am again, once again looking fatter and older than I do now, with another episode on parking.

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