Music has meant the world to many of us and sometimes we just like to take a moment and say "thanks".

Sometimes thanking our favorite artists requires a trip to their final resting place and/or places they were known to frequent. I've compiled a few places you can pay tribute to five of them here.

First up on our trip are the Abbott Brothers. If you're a fan of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and/or Vinnie Paul then a trip to Arlington, Texas is essential. You can pay tribute to the brothers at Moore Memorial Gardens at 1219 North Davis Drive.  You could also visit 2250 Manana Drive in Dallas, the former home of "The Clubhouse", the legendary adult entertainment spot where the brothers corrupted so many other rockers.

Next on the list is guitar slinger Stevie Ray Vaughan. To see Stevie's final resting place you'll need to travel to Dallas and visit the Laurel Land Memorial Park at 6000 South R. L. Thornton Freeway. In this case, you could go a less morbid route and instead visit the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue which is located at 210 Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail in Austin.

To pay tribute to Z.Z. Top bassist Dusty Hill, it's a trip down to Houston. He was laid to rest in Forrest Park The Woodlands Cemetary. His grave reveals that his actual name was Joe Michael Hill, but there's no mistaking that face on the plot. If you're looking for a secondary place to honor him, do it at the Dallas airport where he worked in the middle of Z.Z. Top's career just so he could feel normal and grounded.

Next on our list is Buddy Holly. If you want to visit Buddy the best way is to visit Lubbock, Texas.  Buddy is buried in the City Of Lubbock cemetery at 2011 E 31st St, with a somewhat unremarkable headstone (he is also buried under his proper family name "Holley"). The town also has a Buddy Holly Statue at 1824 Crickets Ave and the Buddy Holly Museum is nearby.

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