Hello, Professor Wes Nessman here, once again to stick a needle full of logic into some dumbasses.

A caucasian quarterback prospect for the University of Florida was bounced because he was on film singing along to a rap song that included the "n-word".  The school withdrew its scholarship offer, and the young man was gracious enough to say, "I understand".  This tells me he'll be able to perform some small act of contrition and be back in the game in no time.  This is the way it should be, no one really gets hurt and we all learn a little.

What I find fascinating is someone dredging up this idiocy in the comments section:

If they are butthurt about the songs then why haven’t they tried to cancel the rappers?

Well, I can make this incredibly simple, then we can dive further in.  How about this;  you can call yourself an asshole without repercussions, but if I call you an asshole, I would get kicked off of Facebook. 

Who knows what the rap song was, who the rappers were, and what their ethnicity was? I can tell you that the rappers involved only have to answer to themselves and/or their label and management. Meanwhile, this quarterback prospect had to answer to the University Of Florida, its donors, and alumni, t.v. partners and probably dozens of others.

People don't have to be canceled, but you should also be smart enough to either not put yourself in that position, or smart enough to get yourself out of it.

Class dismissed.

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