I'm kind of not ready to let this one go.

On November 14th, it was reported that a dog was recovering after being shot with a crossbow bolt in Abernathy. I have yet to hear ZERO follow-up on the person being caught.

You may think that the police in Abernathy have bigger things to deal with than this, but you're going to tell me in a town of around 2,700 people, you can't find something as specialized as a crossbow? Are you seriously going to tell me that in a town this small that several dozen, if not hundred people know who there owns a crossbow?

Let's not forget the person was firing indiscriminately, and also took out a family's heating & air system. Now I also understand that maybe the rest of us have not been looped in on a possible arrest, so please reach out and we'd be happy to update this story with a big 'thank you' to everyone who put a stop to this kind of awful behavior.

I would also like to mention that some of the more callous neighbors want to say that the dog had been getting out and possibly got what it deserved, but that's small-town hillbilly nonsense. If the dog had hurt anyone or anything, the coward that is hiding the fact that he (or she) shot it would be out front saying they were defending themselves or their property (and the damaged HVAC system is counter to that story, anyways).

Let's find out who did this so everyone in Abernathy will know their pets are safe from this jerk.

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