Could we just legalize fireworks in the Hub City?

Technically, fireworks are illegal inside the city limits of Lubbock. This doesn't keep many people from bringing them into the city, but what are you going to do if you were discouraged from lighting fireworks on New Year's Eve, but you want to make a little noise at midnight? Apparently, the answer to that question is to empty a clip from your pew-pew piece.

Police officers responded to two reports of property damage because, get this Lubbock: BULLETS COME BACK DOWN.

One of these reports included a report of a woman finding a bullet next to her bed. The other report had some damage to a vehicle. I think it's also safe to say that if two people notice bullets coming back down into/onto their property, there are probably hundreds or thousands more than have been at least temporarily unnoticed.

The smart thing would be for us to teach people science and physics, but since we know that's not going to happen, can we go ahead and legalize fireworks? I think if people are giving some more appropriate ways to celebrate, maybe, just maybe they'll choose that route. A planned celebration of noisemakers and bright flashy things just sounds so much better than letting people improvise at the last minute.

My dad used to participate in this irresponsible behavior, firing his shotgun to announce the new year. My dad definitely had a lot of Texas dust-billy in his blood. He was not the smartest man, and he liked to drink. You know what else? He removed the buckshot from the shells before he fired off his shotgun.

Please keep in mind that firing your gun in the air could turn you into a murderer. The odds say that someone will get hit at some point. Please be careful, and plan a more responsible way to celebrate your new year.

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