Can we go back and punch people in the face? Can we get Thanos in on this with his big-ass, time travelin' glove?

Back on April 19th, 2009, this video surfaced of a FEMA death camp in Lubbock.  Apparently, FEMA was going to round up everyone and kill them so they could have martial law or something, something, something...whatever.  It was ridiculous then, and it's exponentially ridiculous now.

The problem is that people never take responsibility after stirring up the poo-pot like these knuckleheads did. Some people in Lubbock were on edge, and others (like me) were aggravated with this kind of nonsense being spread around.  Enough about me, I think this YouTube commenter summed it all up:

This is just the kind of wacko wingnut video I would expect from people in Lubbock. You really need psychological intervention before your delusions and paranoia get out of control. - dancingwithczars

In case you're wondering, the "Death Camp" above is the Southern Cotton Oil Company. These jackasses could have knocked on the door and asked.


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