This is NOT a picture of a candy caught mid-air.

This is a picture of a package of candy jammed been the dispenser thingies and the glass.

I'm amazed that someone walked award from this and I was thinking of how many different ways there are to handle this.

1. I guess a more stoic person would just "walk away" and say, "well they're not on my diet anyway".
2. A more passive-aggressive person might drop by with a note.
3. Bang the sh@t out of the machine.
4. Rock the machine.
5. Buy more stuff and try to knock it down like a claw game.

Myself, I am a fairly large human and I'm a rocker (in every sense of the word). Me and that machine would dance. I would grab onto that thing like the last girl at the bar and we would do the hustle until that candy and a few other things fell out. This is, of course, the worst thing you can do. In fact, according to this page, vending machines kill more people than sharks do, at a rate of about 2.8 people a year.

After all, what is more frustrating than having to resort to a vending machine for a snack, only to have it fail you? Vending machines can be even more frustrating these days because so few of us carry any cash or coins and those electronic card reading machines like to disconnect from whatever they're connected to quite often.

Still more often than not the problem is a mechanical one like this one. It's an engineering flaw. The designers want to have those shiny packages of yumminess as close to the window as possible to tempt you resulting in accidents like that above.

For the record, I don't know how this problem was handled, but I will admit to abusing the machine before which resulted in an explosion of Fritos shooting up through the inside like a blast of confetti. I hope I didn't add to the problem.

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