Hey, let's have some fun with this for just a minute.

I know there are strong feelings on both sides of this issue, but I don't see why we can't have some fun.  If you just came out from under a rock, peel those grub worms off your next and brush that grass off, because we're going to talk about the Govenors announcement on Tuesday.

Governor Greg Abbott decided to "open" Texas as of next Wednesday. This is contrary to recommendations from the CDC. I've pretty much maintained a "you do you, but I'll wear a mask" type attitude so I'm a little concerned but mostly ambivalent. It does seem, especially since we're only one of two states out of the fifty that have done this, that it may be a little early. This takes us right to the front porch of our topic, which I will now scream in capital letters:


*It's oops, I didn't even get it out of my pants early

*It's Christmas trees in the stores before Cinco De Mayo early

*It's being a Tech football coach and buying a house early

*It's hows that baby here and we've only been together six months early

*It's pouring Gatorade over the coach during the kickoff early

*It's Starlord goes ahead and punches Thanos early

*It's getting your first grader a shaving kit early

*It's celebrating passing gas before anything has had time to drip early

*It's Cowboys fans during preseason talking about the Superbowl early

*It's shouting "Bruce Willis is dead" at the beginning of the Sixth Sense early


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