A Facebook friend came up with this question and I love it.  We've all seen multiple bands, multiple times, but how many times have you seen your favorite band?

blink-182 Live in Lubbock, Texas
Justin Massoud, KFMX

The first question you have to ask yourself is, "who is my favorite band?". I've had many favorites and my favorite now is crazy difference than some of my earlier favorites. I then had a crazy realization, of the three bands that had extended periods as my favorite band, I had only seen each of them twice.

On the post I saw, there were people who claimed that they had seen their favorite bands up to twenty times. That's just insane. I just don't know how you'd have any time to do anything else.

I think this question even bears a follow-up question which would be, "...and do you want to see them again?".   It's interesting to me to see what kind of fandom some bands have.

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