I typed this out for my friends and it seems to have struck a chord. Since you're my extended friends and family, I thought you might like it too.

Here is the post of mine in its original form:

I'm not going to engage anyone in politics or whatever stupid sh!t that is trending this weekend. I'm just going to ask you, is this really what you want to do with your weekend? Why not post something positive, funny or lift someone up? You could make someone smile or even make a friend. Isn't that who you really woke up wanting to be, someone who people want to be around?

Stumped? Here are some ideas:


*Go to your friend's list and make sure you send a greeting to the birthdays there.


*Post a picture of your dogs, kids, or other pets (ha ha!). I like pictures of tropical fish too. 

*Post a picture of your food. We all like seeing what's up with that, even if we're thinking we could do better. 

*Post something inspirational or something you learned today. 

*Post your favorite song, or your favorite song when you were 16. 

*We don't see enough pictures of gardens, let's do some of that. 

*Cool car pics are always welcome. 

*Just glance at your friend list and pick someone you

haven't had an interaction with them in a while and let them know that you thought about them.

*Close your eyes and think of the first smiling f
ace you see..then go let that person know it's them.

*Hide someone that puts negativity on your feed. I almost hate to add this one to the list, but you are what you consume and you don't need that kind of stuff in your life.

*Recommend a book or a movie

*Funny memes rock


We can change the entire culture of the internet, or at least make our own friend lists better. Good luck and I hope you have smiles for miles....

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