The question is, “how do I decide whether to send my kids to school?” The answer should be easier if you put it in context.

Right now there’s a huge question on whether kids should be in a physical school or not. After all, we closed schools down before we even hit triple digits due to coronavirus and now we’re over ten times that. I understand that we now know more and are prepared more to deal with this disease, but it still seems like a very sketchy situation.
Your child might never see any effects of the coronavirus (then again, they may bring it home to you). They may also be the kid that gets it bad and has to be hospitalized and/or has a lot of aftereffects. They might even be among the relatively small group that dies. Okay, so we’ve looked at the scale of “threats” fairly so let’s move onto a comparison.
Would you take your child to a relative’s house if you knew there was a chance they would be molested? Being molested could certainly and frequently does ruin lives. The answer is no. Even if it’s your favorite Uncle, if something seems a little off when it comes to kids, you would NEVER take your kid to that relative’s house.
Now that we’ve established these two scenarios, which is worse, possibly being molested, or possibly dying? Sure they’re both worse case scenarios that are equally terrible. It’s possible your kid doesn’t get coronavirus at all and it’s possible your creepy relative doesn’t mess with your kid but are you willing to take that chance?
I understand the rub. The rub is that many of you have to get back to work, and school was the best place for your kid while you worked. Well, it WAS, and it still may be, but you need to seriously analyze the possible safety and hygiene plans being put into place. I think all of us who got “the grunge” a couple of weeks after school starts year after year have all the evidence we need to determine that unless some changes are made, school is a terrible place in a pandemic.
I feel INCREDIBLY bad for those of you parents who have to make the decision based on a lack of any other place to send the kids. This situation is NOT fair and not something that was even on your radar when you had kids, but you might want to find another place for them to remote school if you have to go to work.
The answer should be quite clear; until infection rates go down and hygiene practices go up, kids should not be in classrooms.



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