The RockShow brought back the VERY popular "What's In The Box?" a while back and it has since expanded to Facebook live.

No, the kitten is not in the box, it's just modeling the box.  Photo: Murmakova

The on-air game is pretty simple. We put an *actual* item in a box. We then give out clues as to what the item is. We usually take four callers in rounds 1 and 2 and usually play until we have a winner in round three.

The Facebook live version is pretty cool because it's the same game, but you have 90 seconds to type in your answers for each clue along with whoever is watching the game. The first correct answer posted to our Facebook wins.

One more item; you may have noticed I put stars by *actual* that means we wouldn't say we put an elephant in the box unless it was something like a toy elephant. Whatever is in the box is usually a pretty mundane, everyday item.

So here's how a game might go.

We might say...

***They come in different sizes

***It's square

***It holds round things

....and the answer would be......a drink coaster!

So there you go. We hope you'll join us Wednesday mornings at 8:05 on-air and online at 12 noon. Prizes vary each time, but we try to make them cool.  Come have some old-school radio fun with us!

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