Texas' beloved Whataburger has been sold to a Chicago investment firm. Those are pretty scary words.

Some Texans are viewing the Whataburger sale as heartbreaking. It was one of those few places that we truly could call our own.

Founded in Corpus Cristi, the orange and white is a Texas tradition. Just a quick look at their Lone Star State map shows about 400 Texas locations. Whataburger has just been something we could count on all day and some overnights.

With all of this in mind, I put together the good, bad and absurd changes you might see at Whataburger.


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    The Good

    The best thing that could come out of Whataburger being bought out is rapid expansion. Whataburgers could be poppin' up all over the country.

    Then again, we already have them all over here, so what do we really care?

    Continuing on the positive side, maybe this means that Whataburger will have a stable future and be there for us through our lifetimes.

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    The Bad

    By now, most of you have worked for a company that changed hands. The first thing the new owners say is, 'don't worry, we're not going to change anything.' Then, they change everything.

    At some point, an "efficiency expert" will come in and trim the hours, the staff, or even the food.

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    The Absurd

  • All Whataburgers now served deep-dish style.
  • Pictures of Harmon Dobson replaced with pictures of Al Capone.
  • Now featuring Da Bears and Da Bulls collector cups.
  • Chicago influence noted in a name change from Whataburger to Windyburger

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