The band Cinderella sand, "Don't Know What You Got Until It's Gone".

I missed the KISS show. I was suffering a bit of the ol' "been there, done that". While I am not a huge KISS fan, I feel like I missed an opportunity to enjoy the energy of a huge concert crowd. Opportunities like that don't come to Lubbock that often, and now they will be even fewer and farther apart.

I am still bummed that I missed Dirty Honey at Jake's, but I am so glad that I took in what was an absolutely stellar, unhinged show from Powerman 5000 before that.

I am very excited about the possibilities with the new Buddy Holly Hall Of Performing Arts. I am hoping we can all rock out to a show or two together. I very much appreciate the opportunity to sit down and really get into a show, and always have. I like to zone in and if you see me, you'll notice that I often have my eyes closed as I tap into the energy.

I think when this is all over and we get those first show announcements that everyone is going to go a bit crazy. No more "them again?" kind of nonsense, but all of us appreciating whatever shows we can get for the excitement, the energy and the sense of community.